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The Best Way To Ship Washi Tape!

08 June, 2022 - 0 Comments

When you placed an order of washi tape on our store, you will see the total price and shipping cost. But you never ever consider the best way to save cost on shipping.

Most of the wholesalers/store owners will ship out the parcel by air, DHL, UPS and FedEx are popular. When we offer agent price from them, you will see a big discount than using a personal account to pick up from our factory. Because we send out about 200 B2B parcels each month to over sea buyer, while you got 20. Price will be difference, of cause, you could get a better one some place else some time with difference timing and service quality. But we keep 2~3 agent during the full year, make sure they are safe and steady.

When you ship over 21kg (about 1100 rolls of 15mm x 10m washi tape), or over 101kg parcel (about 5100 rolls), you will get difference cost of each kg. There will be a base cost when your order is under 21kg beside each kg cost.

We say parcel will ship out 3~7 days over the world from the distribution warehouse to destination warehouse. There will be some cheaper way when your order is not urgent for sale, it may takes 15~30 days to break price down.

In order to make sure the parcel safe and reach the destination, we use 60 rolls each inner box (base on 15mm x 10m), 12 inner boxes each outer carton. Of cause, some case will happen, there are 0.16%~0.33% probability lost parcel since 2011. Learn more on Shipping And Returns.

Europe market may ship out by train is a good choice to break cost, rather than by sea.

There is a CO (certification of original) needed for some of the destination port, you will get less tax pay with this certification. Some of countries will need Form E and Form A instead.

More way to break cost during shipment, please contact with our sale manager or directy to customer service.


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