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Online Order Guideline

28 June, 2022 - 0 Comments

When you are new to do the bulk / wholesale / mass order on our store www.washitape.com.cn , please check the guideline setp by setp below if needed: 

washi tape online order guideline

1.There is an entrance on the right side of the home page "LOG IN" for new buyer register.

full fill info to register washi tape store

washi tape store policy

email notify for authorization

2.After full filling the form for register, you email will receive an activation instructions.

activation instructions

3.Click the link to activate the account.

manzawa authorization account

4.Before authorization by the sale manager, you can check the sku stock quantity only, can no place the order.

after authorization manzawa account

5.The sale manager will authorizate the wholesale account within 24 hours, then you can log in the account again to pick up the designs from stock.

shopping cart manzawa

6.After finish sellecting the designs from stock, click the shopping cart on right side of the page for checking the listing.

shopping cart quantity renew

7.You can adjust the purchase quantity on the sellected list, please click "UPDATE SHOPPING CART" after you make decision.

checkout manzawa

8.Tick the terms and check out.

billing form for shipping

9.Fill the correct information on the billing form, make sure the carrier can contact and reach you.

shipping way

10.All the shipping method will be pre-sellected as "contact sale manager to update shipping cost", since the shipping cost is not steady during this period.

The sale manager will find out the best way of shipping method from air, train, and sea, as well as the PI for payment.

submit the order manzawa

11.Submit the order when all information confirmed.


If you need urgent assist, please feel free to contact us on info@washitape.com.cn 

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