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Hundreds of SKU help Shopify seller grow fast

30 May, 2022 - 0 Comments

Every seller on Amazon and Shopify always look for long term cooperation suppliers, but few of them offer long last business. Because they can not keep customers happy all the time. It's a pain to change new suppliers, while you changing the new quality from the old stock, new suppliers aways supplier difference grade of material and quality. It happened bad review when they bought same things with difference material/quality product from the same brand/store, since they can compare. It's much more expensive to keep new customers than keep the old one for re-purchasing.

Manzawa will release discount items to help wholesaler, bulk buyer and retail to grow their business in each season. So they can boost their hot sale items along and get more new buyer on the creative advertising from facebook, instargram, and tiktok.

Check the following sales kit to know more the coming SALE


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